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Southwest CEO: Vaccine Mandates Weren’t Behind Flight Cancelations, Suggests ‘Absenteeism’ Is the Cause

The CEO of Southwest on Tuesday denied claims that the federal vaccine mandates were the cause of more than 2,000 flight cancelations in recent days. During an appearance on CNBC, CEO Gary Kelly was asked about President Joe Biden’s announcement that will mandate companies with federal contracts to require their staff to get the vaccine and whether it was related to delays and cancelations. “Zero,” Kelly said. “We look at all of our employee behaviors in terms of absenteeism, in terms of people volunteering to come in and pick up what’s referred to as ‘open time,’ and they’re all very normal.” Kelly then noted that the main pilots union, the Southwest Airlines Pilots Association, denied that its pilots called in sick en masse in what has been termed a “sickout” over the vaccine mandate. The union last week filed a lawsuit against Southwest over the vaccine mandate. Some, including Sen. Ted Cruz …

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