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US Treasuries May Be Losing Safe-Haven Status, New Study Says

U.S. Treasury securities might be losing their luster as a conventional safe-haven asset, a new report by the Institute of International Finance (IIF) says. The United States was one of the few nations to witness an outflow of foreign investment in governments bond in 2020, according to the Washington-based trade association for the global financial services industry. Greece and Italy were the other countries to experience overseas funds fleeing their debt instruments.  International investors looked to Germany and Japan to seek shelter when storm clouds formed in global financial markets at the height of the COVID-19 public health crisis.  When equities and other risky assets endure chaos, traders usually head to the $22 trillion Treasury bond market, sending yields lower. However, during the COVID-induced market meltdown in March 2020, the benchmark 10-year yield rallied.   “For a few scary days in early March 2020—at the height of the first COVID wave—U.S. Treasuries stopped …

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