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NASA Satellite Data Support ‘Shockingly Large’ Carbon Dioxide Fertilization Effect: Study

A new paper from Columbia University’s Charles A. Taylor and Wolfram Schlenker that used NASA satellite data has shown that anywhere from 10–40 percent of improvements in key U.S. crop yields since 1940 could potentially be attributed to increased atmospheric carbon dioxide due to human activity. The authors noted that their findings are “on the very high end of the range found in the literature.” “Taylor and Schlenker’s numbers are 10–100 times as large as previous estimates,” Richard S.J. Tol, a professor in the Department of Economics at the University of Sussex, told The Epoch Times via email. Taylor and Schlenker arrived at their estimates using three separate modeling strategies. In addition, they ran sensitivity checks to rule out potential confounds, including economic activity, other pollutants, and their assumptions about the precise relationship between carbon dioxide levels and crop yields. Their models were based on data from 2015 through 2020 …

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