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Pennsylvania Teacher Threatens to Kill After COVID-19 Barrier Removed: Police Report

A York County Pennsylvania teacher has been charged with terroristic threats for allegedly threatening to kill people after a plastic barrier to protect from COVID-19 was removed from his classroom. Sinking Spring Elementary School teacher Chad Gerrick, 50, erected a plastic barrier in his classroom as protection from COVID-19 but the school maintenance department removed the barrier, angering Gerrick, according to a police criminal complaint obtained by The Epoch Times. After discovering the barrier was removed early Friday morning, Gerrick had a conversation with school administrators and then went to the cafeteria where a cafeteria worker heard him making threats to school officials, including, “If I get COVID, I will shoot all them (expletive),” at the Central York School District administrative offices. And, “I don’t care how sick I am, I will come in to school and spread COVID to everyone that I can,” the complaint said. The cafeteria worker …

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