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San Diego County Releases Guidelines for Medical Personnel to Assess Domestic Violence

SAN DIEGO—San Diego County officials released a countywide set of guidelines on Oct. 13 for medical professionals to screen for signs of domestic violence when assessing patients. The new standards aim to provide medical personnel with the tools for identifying signs of intimate partner violence—particularly strangulation—and guidance on how to respond when suspicious injuries are discovered. Officials say recognition of these signs is a necessary preventative measure, with healthcare personnel often the first and only people able to assist victims when they are apart from their abusers. “Domestic violence, including strangulation, goes largely under-reported by survivors,” said San Diego County District Attorney Summer Stephan. “Healthcare staff can be a critical point of intervention and connection to help in a safe and private setting.” The standards were developed over the past year by the Healthcare Committee of the San Diego Domestic Violence Council and approved by county health officials and the …

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