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Chaos in Texas After Hospital Employees Fired for Refusing to Get Vaccine Demand Their Jobs Back

Around 150 former Houston Methodist employees who were terminated or resigned over the firm’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate are demanding their jobs back. Lawyer Jared Woodfill, who is representing dozens of healthcare workers in several lawsuits against Houston Methodist, said those employees should get their jobs back following Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s recent executive order barring any entity in the state from imposing vaccine mandates. “Gov. Abbott says very clearly, ‘whereas countless Texans fear losing their livelihoods because they object to receiving a COVID-19 vaccination for reasons of personal conscience,'” Woodfill said in a letter to the hospital system this week. “That applies to every plaintiff that I represent, and every plaintiff that Methodist hospital thought it was appropriate to fire.” Based on the order, employees who were terminated from their Houston Methodist jobs should be “immediately be reinstated to their former positions,” Woodfill said in the letter, dated Tuesday. After …

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