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Critical Race Advocacy Group Targets Diverse Group of CRT Critics

Contrary to the “angry white male” stereotype of opponents of critical race theory (CRT), a strategic plan from a prominent CRT advocacy group showcases a very diverse group of “frontline spokespeople” who are pushing back against the Marxism-rooted ideology. Christopher Rufo, an author and filmmaker known for exposing the infiltration of CRT into public education, on Wednesday shared on Twitter presentation slides he obtained from African American Policy Forum (AAPF). The group was founded by Columbia University professor Kimberlé Crenshaw, who invented the concept of “intersectionality” and is widely attributed with coining the term “Critical Race Theory.” The AAFP slides in question, which Rufo described as part of a plan to “mobilize left-wing media and K-12 teachers” in defense of CRT, appears to document individuals and organizations who laid the “infrastructure” for a “war on racial justice.” One of the slides, titled “The Frontline Spokespeople,” features a group of six …

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