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Emotions Run High as Texas Border Residents Feel Abandoned, Fear for Their Lives

BRACKETTVILLE, Texas—Locals fed up with groups of illegal immigrants trespassing on their land and breaking into their homes and vehicles attended a town hall meeting to share their frustration with Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton and his staff on Oct. 11. The first questions from the audience reflected the boiling point many have reached and the prevailing feeling that they’re being left to fend for themselves: “Can we shoot back if shot at from Mexico?” “When can a property owner use force?” “If you’re in imminent danger, I think the answer is probably yes,” said Joshua Reno, Paxton’s deputy attorney general for criminal justice, in response to the first question. “You still have the same rights to defend yourself. This is a really difficult question, though. … The consequences, I think, are something that’s going to be very dire—we’re talking about shooting across the border to another country.” As for …

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