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Ex-Hamilton actor takes action against show for alleged anti-transgender discrimination

FILE – The Richard Rodgers Theatre, home of the musical “Hamilton,” appears closed during Covid-19 lockdown in New York on May 13, 2020. Theaters for “The Lion King,” “Hamilton” and “Wicked” are set to reopen on Tuesday. (Photo by Evan Agostini/Invision/AP, File) Evan Agostini/Evan Agostini/Invision/AP

Ex-Hamilton actor takes action against show for alleged anti-transgender discrimination

Luke Gentile October 14, 01:24 PMOctober 14, 01:24 PM

A transgender actor and ex-cast member of the Broadway musical Hamilton took action against the show for alleged anti-transgender discrimination after claiming the production revoked a contract over a request to have gender-neutral facilities, according to a Wednesday statement from the actor’s attorneys.

Suni Reid, a biological male who identifies as nonbinary, alleged the production retaliated on the basis of race, gender, identity, and LGBT+ status, according to the release shared with the Washington Examiner.

“As alleged, in June 2021, Mx. Reid made a legally protected request that performers have access to a gender-neutral dressing room at the Los Angeles theater where Hamilton plays, consistent with California law,” the release stated. “Weeks later, Hamilton suspended the renewal of Mx. Reid’s contract, sidelining them during rehearsals, previews, and finally opening night and beyond.”


The actor obtained legal services in July and informed the production of the discrimination and retaliation claims, according to the release.

Reid wished to continue working, but the show informed Reid that the contract would not be renewed, Reid’s legal team said.

“The EEOC Charge includes additional allegations of discrimination and harassment committed by cast members and management, including incidents in which certain actors physically threatened Mx. Reid or intentionally and repeatedly mis-gendered them,” the release said.

The production yielded to Reid’s request for a separate dressing room after another cast member offered to give up his, the release alleged.

However, the company retained its “retaliatory animus toward Mx. Reid and rescinded their contract renewal offer altogether,” according to the release.

Wigdor LLP Partner Lawrence Pearson and Associate Lindsay Goldbrum are the attorneys representing Reid.


“Publicly, Hamilton is a beacon of diversity and appears committed to causes seeking social justice and harmony,” they wrote. “Behind the curtain, however, the Company’s management will force out a Black, transgender cast member simply because they stood up for themselves and advocated for a more equitable workplace, and therefore called that public image into question.”

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