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Faux ‘Fact-Checker’ Ali Swenson Targets Gateway Pundit: Said Maricopa County Didn’t Provide Data to Auditors in Last Week’s ‘Fact-Check’ – Then Claims Data Was Provided in This Week’s Fact-Check – What Gives?Joe Hoft

Far-left faux ‘fact-checker’ Ali Swenson used the Maricopa County investigation to harass and tarnish TGP’s factual reporting on the Maricopa County audit results.  

Ali Swenson is a young, no doubt far-left journalist, manicured in an Ivy League school environment.

Ali shares the following when describing herself online:

Ali Swenson is a journalist from Seattle, Washington, currently reporting on misinformation for The Associated Press in New York. Her work has appeared in Phoenix New Times and the Los Angeles Times, among others. Swenson holds a master’s degree from Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism, where she received a Pulitzer Traveling Fellowship as one of the top five students in her class.

Last week Ali used information from Maricopa County officials in her ‘fact-check’ saying that Maricopa didn’t ‘hide’ information from the Senate auditors when the County deleted or ‘archived’ data and withheld it from Senate auditors.

Her rebuttal concerned the word ‘hide’ that was in our report.

EXCLUSIVE: Maricopa County Officials Claim They DID NOT Delete Elections Data – They Just Archived It and Withheld It from the Senate Auditors

Now, this week young Ali used information from corrupt Maricopa County officials, rather than information from the source of the TGP article she attacked.  Ali attacked our article from a couple of days ago as if she was working for Maricopa County.  The article is below:

BREAKING: Over 284,000 Ballots, or 1 Out of Every 10th Maricopa County Ballot, Lacked Evidence That It Was the Original Ballot Received

Ali obtained information from Maricopa County to slander the above report.  She shared with us the following:

Dear Joe and The Gateway Pundit team, I’m a reporter with The Associated Press in New York. A recent article in The Gateway Pundit claims that 284,412 Maricopa County ballots, or 1 in 10, “could not be confirmed as the actual ballot the voter used to vote.” That’s false, according to Maricopa County, which explained in this document that auditors were looking in the wrong place for ballot images: We are going to be debunking the false claims. Would The Gateway Pundit like to provide more evidence or respond? Thanks, Ali Swenson

Ali’s link didn’t work (an amateur mistake) and we initially had no idea what document from the county she was referring to.  However, we did reach out to Jovan Pulitzer who was the source of the information in the article and he shared the following in response to Ali:

That is INCORRECT.  I have the actual JSON files period and those folders are 100% corrupted.

This is the statement you speak of and this is not true and we cannot confirm it with Cyber Ninjas or the Senate.

We have the files ALL of them and the files and images for the amount stated are corrupted and unable to be opened.

Ms. Ali used Maricopa County as her beacon of truth.  This is the same entity that: sued the Senate to prevent an audit of their 2020 Election results, withheld information from the auditors (some items to this day are still missing) subpoenaed in the audit, wasted $100,000 on shady auditors of their choice who gave them a clean bill of health, etc…

Only a fool or someone with a bias would rely on the word of individuals with a corrupt past to support their position.

But the most disturbing aspect of Ali’s fact-check was that the information she used from Maricopa County in the two fact-checks is totally opposite.  Only one can be true.

She claims in her ‘fact-check’ last week that Maricopa County never provided data to auditors during the audit even though it was requested under subpoena during the audit. 

Now this week she claims using a Maricopa County statement that the data that is garbage and has not been provided to the auditors in readable form was provided to the auditors in April. 

Both cannot be true.

This appears to be another example of ‘fact-checkers’ using their liberal contacts and biased individuals to push narratives rather than seek the truth.

Fact-checkers today are just another liberal and dishonest way to attack freedom of speech and the truth.  They do not support facts, only the liberal talking points.  


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