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San Diego Board of Port Commissioners Approves Maritime Clean Air Strategy

SAN DIEGO—The Port of San Diego Board of Port Commissioners approved a policy document intended to help the port identify projects and initiatives to improve health through cleaner air around San Diego Bay while also supporting maritime operations, it was announced Thursday. The Maritime Clean Air Strategy (MCAS) and its vision, “Health Equity for All,” are touted by the port as more ambitious than any other clean air policy document of its kind in the state. “Our portside community neighbors as well as our Working Waterfront and our visitors deserve to breathe clean air,” said Michael Zucchet, chair of the board of port commissioners. “The Maritime Clean Air Strategy clearly lays out what our goals, aspirations, and expectations are for ourselves and for the people who do and want to do business with the Port of San Diego. The port began developing the goals and objectives of the MCAS in …

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