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MASSIVE PROTESTS — Italians Take to the Streets to Oppose Vaccine Mandates

Thousands of citizens in Italy are fed up with the COVID vaccine mandates that have destroyed people’s lives. Governments around the world including here in the United States are trying to make it impossible to work unless you are vaxx’d.

We need to take a page out of Italy’s playbook and start protesting like this as the alleged “Biden vaccine mandates” are coming into effect.

That being said, these supposed mandates aren’t law and we have every right or should I say it is our duty as free Americans to oppose these mandates every chance we get.

At the end of the day, freedom will win!

Gateway Pundit reports:

Italy led the way with the economy-killing COVID economic shutdowns worldwide.  Now the government of Italy is requiring that all citizens have the COVID vaccine before going back to work.  Italians are standing up against this insanity.

In March 2020 China, responsible for COVID and all the related deaths and trillions in economic destruction, invested in a massive social media campaign in Italy to push for economy-killing COVID lockdowns.  Italy was the first country to do so and it was then used by the mad doctors in the US to push for the same.

CONFIRMED: China Launched a Massive Social Media Campaign in March to Get Countries to Adopt Stringent Coronavirus Lockdowns and Destroy Their Economies

Now Italy is leading the way again with vaccine mandates requiring all Italians to have evidence of taking the vaccine before being allowed to work.

Dock workers in Trieste, Italy, have gone on strike in protest of the need that all employees present a Covid card.

The Green Pass indicates whether you have received the Covid vaccination, whether you have recovered from it, or whether you have tested negative.

On Friday, it became required in all Italian businesses.

Approximately 2,000 employees have congregated at the port of Trieste, which serves northern Italy, Germany, Austria, and central Europe.

It is believed that over three million Italian employees are currently unvaccinated.

Only 40% of the 950 port workers in Trieste have received the vaccine. Workers at other ports, such as Genoa, have threatened to disrupt supply networks as well.

Italians are again protesting the COVID mandate for workers today.

Il molo VII inizia a riempirsi di persone.

— Federico Lordi (@lordfed3) October 17, 2021

More on the protests below.

Il varco IV è ormai pieno di gente.

Grazie a @Samujaki7 per queste immagini.#Trieste

— Federico Lordi (@lordfed3) October 17, 2021

Locals brought food in for the protestors on Friday.


The citizens of Trieste bring food for the port workers who are blocking entry to the port in protest against vaccine passports.

— James Melville (@JamesMelville) October 15, 2021

The Italian government has decided to eliminate individual rights in the name of COVID. 

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