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Biden Tirade Pounding On Podium Like Third World Despot

During a recent speech referencing democracies around the world, Biden went into a tirade shouting and pounding on the podium!

Can someone explain what is causing this behavior?

For 4 years we were told that President Trump was a tyrannical ruler that was dividing the country and tearing us apart. Those accusations were trumpeted by many on the left and practically all of the mainstream news outlets.

All of those accusations with nothing to back them up!

Now we actually have a tyrannical dictator in the White House. Well, we actually don’t know if he’s in the real White House given all of his staged appearances.

Nonetheless, Biden, the tyrannical dictator has been issuing unconstitutional vaccine mandates, whispering into the camera for everyone to “get vaccinated”, and now he’s pounding the podium like a senile lunatic.

Say what you will Biden is not well! That being said, the question must be posed, who is running the country?

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