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BREAKING — Italy Adjusts COVID Deaths from 130,000 to 3,700

We are finally beginning to see the actual deaths resulting from the COVID China virus as Italy drastically reduces its death count.

The question becomes, when will other countries around the world take a deeper look into their COVID death counts and accurately adjust them to reflect those who died directly from the China virus?

We the people are waking up to the reality that this pandemic may not have been what those from the new world order were saying.

Furthermore, how is it that the common flu cases were practically non-existent throughout last winter while COVID numbers were through the roof?

At least one nation is willing to own up to their own negligence and admit they were WAY OFF with their COVID tracking data!

Italian news outlet Il reports:

According to the new report (which had not been updated since July) from the Higher Institute of Health on mortality from Covid, the virus that brought the world to its knees would have killed far less than a common flu. It seems a bizarre and no vax statement, but according to the statistical sample of medical records collected by the institute, only 2.9% of the deaths registered since the end of February 2020 would be due to Covid 19. So of the 130,468 deaths registered by official statistics at the time of preparation of the new report only 3,783 would be due to the power of the virus itself. Because all the other Italians who lost their lives had from one to five diseases which, according to the ISS, therefore already left them little hope.

Even 67,7% would have had more than three contemporary diseases together, and 18% at least two together. Now I personally know many people, but none who have the misfortune of having five serious illnesses at the same time. I would like to trust our scientists, then I go to read the ailments listed which would be no secondary reason for the loss of so many Italians and I begin to feed some profane doubts.

According to the ISS, 65.8% of Italians who are no longer there after being infected with Covid were ill with arterial hypertension, that is, they had high blood pressure. 23.5% were also demented, 29.3% added some diabetes to their ailments, 24.8% also atrial fibrillation. And that’s not enough: 17.4% already had sick lungs, 16.3% had had cancer in the last 5 years; 15.7% suffered from heart failure,28% had ischemic heart disease, 24.8% suffered from atrial fibrillation, more than one in ten were also obese, more than one in ten had had a stroke, and still others, albeit in a smaller percentage, had serious problems liver, dialysis and auto-immune diseases.

It will all be true, I do not question our scientists. But if it is not the virus that kills the Italians, then can you explain to me why science has imposed everything we have seen in this abundant year and a half? From masks, to spacing, to lockdown and so on? And how did we manage to have almost 126,000 Italians reduced to those conditions with 3, 4 or 5 serious illnesses, destined to go away if the coronavirus never existed in a short time? Those numbers would be a sensational indictment against the Italian health system from which they also come. I use the conditional because I have some doubts about what is written from the first day in that report. Which is affected as every communication of the ISS or the CTS of the government directives provided gradually over the months,which were the true and only beacon of what we continue to call “scientists”.

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