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Does the COVID Vaccine Contain Traceable Markers?

Currently, the COVID vaccine passports are based upon a vaccinated person being registered in a database — soon those passports could be issued based upon a blood test. This begs the question do these vaccines contain traceable markers that can be detected in the blood of vaccinated individuals?

The Conservative Treehouse reports:

An article and video promoted by the World Economic Forum, intended to propose and outline a globally accepted “COVIDPass”, actually reveals stunning background admissions. [Article Here – VIDEO Below]

The basic premise of the proposal is for a global COVIDPass that will be universally accepted permitting vaccinated people to travel around the world and enter all venues and facilities that require proof of vaccine.   However, there is something in the proposal that tells a story all by itself.  First, WATCH the Video:

Don’t get caught up in the esoteric weeds about the COVID passport angle of this; and don’t let yourself focus on the vaxxed vs non-vaxxed aspect.  Additionally, for now do not focus on the privacy aspects or the issues with tracing or tracking.  Instead, focus like a laser on something far more critical in the background of the proposal itself.

The entire premise of the World Economic Forum’s “COVIDPass” is predicated on a blood test being able to identify whether a person has been vaccinated or not.

Think about that carefully.

Think about that deeply.

Right now, all vaccination ID’s, all COVID passports, are dependent on a registration process that takes place at the time of vaccination within each nation’s unique healthcare system:

(1) You get vaccinated, you get registered in a system that shows you have been vaccinated; and that’s how you eventually get to a place where you establish a linked “QR” code to the vaccination registration -most commonly on your cell phone- that grants you permitted access at checkpoints or gateways.


(2) You get vaccinated, you get registered in a system that shows you have been vaccinated; and you are given a paper vaccination card to carry on your person that grants you permitted access at checkpoints or gateways.

It’s clear this plandemic isn’t going anywhere. The elites and the left are drunk with power and they have fully realized the potential of what they can do with the COVID vaccine.

These vaccines are being used as a tool to control the population. They can effectively control where we can travel to, what restaurants we are able to eat at, whether or not we can use the gym, and that’s just a fraction of what’s to come.

Owen Shroyer from the War Room podcast on iHeart radio explains:

As the covid control wears thin, the corporate world government reveals it’s next plan for humanity: blood tests to travel and engage in commerce. Believer in the Bible or not, the mark of the beast is here. Owen Shroyer also explains why God is a necessity for America, whether you believe or not. The Raw Egg Nationalist joins the broadcast to discuss the secret health benefits of eggs. Owen then does a seemingly impossible raw egg consumption on the air. The citizens of the world continue to stand against the global government, as the epic of ‘The Great Reset’ vs ‘The Great Awakening’ continues.

Would you submit to a COVID vaccine passport system like this? Let me know in the comments below!

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