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‘Unsilenced’: Film Exposing China’s Human Rights Abuses Wins Austin Film Festival Award

A feature film showcasing China’s human rights abuses won the 2021 Audience Award for narrative feature at the 28th annual Austin Film Festival in Texas on Nov. 1.  The festival is one of the largest cinema and television screenwriting events in the United States.  “Unsilenced” is based on the true story of two young couples who were students at China’s Tsinghua University. Together they helped a western journalist break through the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) surveillance and obstruction apparatus to expose its draconian persecution of Falun Gong adherents. The students pay a heavy price, but their courage had a lasting effect in countering Beijing’s well-oiled propaganda machine. “This film is not just about depicting human rights abuses in China and how Chinese citizens stand up [against the regime] to spread information, it is also about the fierce battle between truth and lies, which takes place not only in Mainland China,” the …

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