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Cargo Ship Full of Smuggled Children Off California Coast Raided By Navy Seals

A cargo ship full of smuggled children was recently raided off of the coast of California. This begs the question, how many other ships sitting off the west coast of the United States may be involved in the illegal smuggling of children into the United States?

And, why isn’t this making headlines right now?

Raw Real News reported:

Navy SEALs on Tuesday launched a predawn raid on one of the hundreds of cargo vessels, a Hong Kong-flagged bulk carrier called the Morning Star, anchored off Long Beach, California, and rescued 200 foreign children who had been imprisoned in a decrepit cargo hold, said a military adjunct under promise of anonymity.

Alas, the SEALs also recovered the bodies of 12 dead children, our source added.

Although operational details are scant, Real Raw News learned that SEALs from Coronado infiltrated the vessel at approximately 2:00 a.m., then stealthily traversed the ship, subduing its 20-man crew and the captain using non-lethal force. No SEALs or crew were killed during the incursion, our source said.

It is uncertain whether the SEALs knew precisely where the children were held on the ship or if they obtained intelligence through interrogations, but they found 200 emaciated children of different nationalities in an expansive cargo hold below decks.

“It was a horrible scene. Some of these kids were shackled to bulkhead, others were lying in puddles of their own feces and urine. No food in the hold, and only a few 55-gallon drums of what looked like putrid water,” our source said.

The SEALs, he added, captured the crew and ferried them ashore (to an unknown location) aboard a U.S. Navy MK5 Special Operations Craft, and took the children into protective custody for medical treatment and identification.

Interestingly, he claimed “someone” at Mar-a-Lago had provided U.S. Special Operations (Command) with credible evidence of “child trafficking” on the vessel. He would not, however, say whether the tip came directly from Donald J. Trump.

RRN hopes to have an update on this developing story shortly.

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    Is this real news?


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