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After Protests End, Kenoshans Still Face the Personal Tragedies

Most Americans remember Anthony Huber’s name because he was shot while attacking Kyle Rittenhouse with a skateboard during the Jacob Blake riots. Annie Hysell remembers Huber because he was her friend. During Rittenhouse’s trial, reporters, politicians, radical left-wing activists, and right-wing hecklers portrayed Rittenhouse, and the three men he shot, as heroes or villains. But none of the events in Kenosha affected them personally, said Hysell. “It doesn’t affect their real life. “I remember the second day of riots when the whole town smelled like a campfire, and I delivered a pizza to Ed’s Tires on 60th and 10th … I got out of my car, and I just started crying.” Despite her tears, she sometimes laughed. Her mood hit the bottom of sadness, bounced up, then fell again. Watching her hometown burn down around her hurt, said Hysell. But the left-wing activists on the courthouse steps demanding Rittenhouse’s conviction—carried …

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