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Amazon Employees Plan Worldwide Global Black Friday Protests, Release Set of Demands for Company

Amazon employees worldwide will be holding a strike against the company on Black Friday, Nov. 26, one of the busiest shopping days of the year, to demand fair pair for workers, among other things. Make Amazon Pay, a coalition that represents over 200 million workers and activists across the planet, is organizing Friday’s protest and has released a set of demands that employees are placing on both the company and the governments of the countries it operates in around the globe. The strikes are set to take place at factories, warehouses, and outside corporate offices across the world, including sites in California,  Germany, Ireland, France, and Spain. In a statement, the coalition noted that Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos is “the world’s richest person”—although Bloomberg’s billionaire’s index currently places him at number two behind Tesla’s Elon Musk—and that the tech giant became a “trillion-dollar corporation” during the COVID-19 pandemic while its warehouse employees “risked their lives as essential workers, …

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