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Dollar Tree Will Now Price Items $1.25, CEO Blames Inflation for 35-Year Hike

Dollar Tree announced Tuesday that it will be permanently raising prices for most of its items from the namesake $1 to $1.25 citing inflationary pressures resulting in higher merchandise cost and increasing operational expenditures. “For 35 years, Dollar Tree has managed through inflationary periods to maintain the everything-for-one-dollar philosophy that distinguished Dollar Tree and made it one of the most successful retail concepts for three decades. “However, as detailed in its September announcement, the Company believes this is the appropriate time to shift away from the constraints of the $1.00 price point in order to continue offering extreme value to customers. This decision is permanent and is not a reaction to short-term or transitory market conditions,” stated Randy Guiler, Vice President of Investor Relations in the company’s third-quarter earnings report. Dollar Tree said that the new pricing enables it to reintroduce many customer favorites that were previously discontinued due to …

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