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OC Supervisors Pass $165 Million Bond for a New Community Facility District

SANTA ANA, Calif.—The Orange County Board of Supervisors passed a resolution Nov. 23 establishing a Community Facility District (CFD)—a neighborhood with an extra tax on property owners to fund nearby infrastructure projects and other services—in Rancho Mission Viejo, California, incurring up to $165 million in bond debt and authorizing a special tax levy. “It’s a great thing to move forward,” Supervisor Lisa Bartlett said during the meeting. Bartlett said that only residents within the CFD in Rancho Mission Viejo will bear responsibility for the special tax levy. “It’s not all taxpayers throughout Orange County,” she said. Local governments typically form CFDs to provide annually funded public services like police and natural disaster protection, recreation, and city maintenance. They are also for capital projects like public parks, schools, libraries, childcare, and infrastructure. In the case of Rancho Mission Viejo, the bond aims to improve city infrastructure such as roads, bridges, and …

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