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Passenger on San Diego-Bound Flight Fined Over $40K After Assaulting Flight Attendant

SAN DIEGO—The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) announced on Nov. 22 more than $160,000 in proposed fines against intoxicated and unruly airline passengers, including a passenger on a San Diego-bound flight who allegedly sexually assaulted a flight attendant and smoked marijuana inside the plane’s lavatory. The unidentified passenger is accused of drinking carried-on alcohol on an April 15 Southwest Airlines flight from San Jose to San Diego, prompting a flight attendant to tell the passenger such behavior was prohibited. The FAA alleged the passenger then sexually assaulted the flight attendant, and later smoked marijuana in the plane’s lavatory as it was descending into San Diego. Upon arrival, police arrested the passenger on suspicion of resisting arrest and public intoxication, according to the FAA. In a Nov. 22 statement, the FAA proposed fining the passenger over $40,000, along with seven other of unruly alchohol-related behavior from earlier this year, with fines ranging from around $8,000 to $34,000. The latest round …

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