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Millions of Americans to Travel During Thanksgiving Holiday

Air traffic is expected to be one of the busiest days of the year this Wednesday as a projected 20 million Americans scramble to visit their families, persistent to partake in this year’s Thanksgiving after being locked down last year by the pandemic. According to projections by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), an average of 2 million people are expected to fly on a daily basis between Nov. 19 and Nov. 28, with some days considerably higher. TSA 2019 data shows that 26 million passengers screened for flights during the holidays. Airline companies claim they are prepared to handle the rush and are looking forward to welcoming passengers. “We’re ready for it and excited about it,” CEO of American Airlines Doug Parker told Fortune. “People are wanting to travel, wanting to go see family over the holiday or travel over the holiday.” Parker said that it is going to be a …

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