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‘Moms for Liberty’ Stirs Action in Response to Controversial School Curricula

Moms for Liberty, a non-profit education advocacy group, still in its infancy, encourages parental engagement in a growing number of school board meetings across the country to demand a voice in their children’s education, and push back on curricula and policies that they oppose. Two Florida moms, Tina Descovich of Bevard County and Tiffany Justice of Indian River County, started Moms for Liberty in January 2021. Just 11 months later, the movement has 160 chapters and 70,000 members in 33 states. “Parents have been involved in the Parent Teacher Association, supporting their classrooms, and building playgrounds. PTA serves a great role. But it doesn’t address policy, and parents should have a role in that,” Descovich told The Epoch Times in a phone interview. “Parents have not been engaged at the policy making level.” She believes parents have become more engaged because they got a glimpse inside the classroom when COVID-19 …

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