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SHOCKING — Fox News Christmas Tree Arsonist Freed Without Bail

Many in NYC are puzzled over the spike in crime as another criminal is set free — the Fox News Christmas tree arsonist has been freed without bail!

Crime has been spiking in NYC throughout the past few years as the communist mayor has been quietly pushing the no bail initiative which has turned NYC into a third-world country.

If that’s not enough gun crime has gone through the roof as shootings continue to rise. Mind you NYC has some of the most strict gun control laws in the entire country.

And now the holidays are upon us and the individual who burned down a Christmas tree outside of Fox News studios has been freed without bail.

Newsweek reported:

The man accused of setting fire to the large Christmas tree outside of the Fox News headquarters in New York’s Manhattan was released Wednesday night without bail due to criminal justice reforms implemented earlier this year.

Craig Tamanaha, 49, allegedly set on fire the 50-foot tree, which was adorned with 10,000 glass ornaments and 100,000 lights, in the early hours of Wednesday morning. The tree was located outside the midtown Manhattan building housing Fox News, The Wall Street Journal and the New York Post. About $500,000 in damages resulted from the blaze, according to the Post.

Under bail reforms implemented in January 2020, Tamanaha was not eligible to be held on bail. The suspect, who was known to police, was charged with several misdemeanors, such as arson, criminal mischief, reckless endangerment and criminal trespass.

For a suspect to be held on bail, he would have had to commit at least third-degree felony arson. Under New York State law, arson becomes a felony only if the perpetrator commits a hate crime or tries to harm, or harms, another person, criminal defense lawyer Mark Bederow told Fox News.

“For most misdemeanors and nonviolent felonies, cash bail is no longer permitted,” the Brennan Center for Justice wrote in a report explaining the bail reform ahead of its implementation.

“Judges must release individuals charged with those crimes with no cash bail, either on their own recognizance or with release conditions designed to ensure that the individual returns to court, such as pretrial supervision and text message reminders for court dates,” the center said.

Tamanaha, who is required to return to court on January 4 and is under supervised release, is homeless and has had a number of run-ins with law enforcement. His father, Richard Tamanaha of Hawaii, told the Post that his son has a history of destructive behavior, citing mental health problems and drug abuse.

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