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JPMorgan Chase CEO Warns New York Unvaccinated Employees Won’t Get Paid, Risk Losing Jobs

JPMorgan Chase’s New York employees who are not vaccinated against COVID-19 risk losing their jobs and won’t get paid if they refuse to comply with the company’s vaccination requirements, Chief Executive Officer Jamie Dimon suggested on Monday. “If you aren’t going to get vaxxed, you won’t be able to work in that office,” Dimon told Reuters. “We’re not going to pay you not to work in the office,” Dimon said. “We want people to get vaccinated.” When asked whether or not JPMorgan Chase has decided on a possible future policy that would allow employees to work between both home and the office, Dimon said, “We don’t have to answer this right away.” Last month, the investment bank told its unvaccinated staff in Manhattan to work from home, having previously allowed employees who have not yet received the shots to work in the office as long as they underwent regular testing twice a week, Reuters reported. The Epoch Times has contacted JPMorgan …

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