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Solar Jobs Market Explodes as Companies Seek Workers to Meet Renewables Demand

The sun’s rays are shining light on an industry that has long been in existence, but has recently gained new momentum amid the national push for more renewable energy. Between October and November 2021, PeopleReady’s skilled trades division reported a soaring 32 percent increase in solar jobs postings, totaling 305,000, compared to pre-pandemic job figures from the same period in 2019. “The solar industry is thriving,” Jayson Waller, founder and CEO of POWERHOME SOLAR, a provider of solar panel installation and energy efficiency services operating in 15 states, told The Epoch Times. “It’s growing faster than expected.” Solar accounted for 54 percent of all new electricity-generating capacity that was added during the first three quarters of 2021, per the Solar Market Insight Report. For those looking to switch careers or take on a new job, options abound in the solar industry, with solar installers, welders, electricians, and construction workers among the …

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