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UBS Chairman Warns of Persistent High Inflation

UBS Chairman Axel Weber talked about the high rates of inflation plaguing major world economies during a Monday conference on monetary policy, claiming that the recent uptick of commodity prices is a sign that inflation could get even higher in the coming days. During the 22nd edition of UBS’s flagship Greater China Conference (GCC), Weber said that inflation levels were persistently high in the United States, and may continue in the United Kingdom and Europe. The virtual event features five days of keynote speeches from speakers including Ray Dalio, founder of Bridgewater, and Dr. Zhu Min, Chairman of the National Institute of Financial Research at Tsinghua University. Commodity price fluctuations often lead the economy when it comes to inflation. When there is a general increase in demand, commodities react more sensitively and rapidly compared to the economy as a whole. At present, supply chain disruptions have affected almost all major …

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