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Congress Launching Caucus to Bolster Relationship Between Israel and Arab Nations

A group of House and Senate lawmakers will come together to form a bipartisan caucus to build on the success of the historic Abraham Accords and encourage further cooperation between members, while attempting to expand the agreement to include more nations that do not currently have diplomatic relations with Israel. “The Senate Abraham Accords Caucus encourages partnerships between the United States, Israel, Arab states, and other relevant countries and regions,” said the mission statement (pdf). “The bipartisan Caucus also provides Congressional leadership to strengthen and expand the Abraham Accords by promoting the benefits of normalizing relations with Israel,” it added. While the Abraham Accords resulted in peace, acceptance, and economic cooperation between Israel and the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Bahrain, Sudan, and Morocco, the newly formed caucus will “encourage and seek to incentivize” countries that do not have diplomatic relations with Israel to join the agreement. The Israeli Knesset’s Abraham …

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