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Contradicting the DHS, DOJ Repeats Unfounded Claim of Rising School Board Violence

Assistant Attorney General Matthew Olsen said during the Jan. 11 congressional hearing on domestic terrorism that there has been an increase in violence against educators—directly contradicting Department of Homeland Security (DHS) data. The Jan. 11 congressional hearing captured headlines due to Department of Justice (DOJ) officials refusing to answer questions about Ray Epps, the controversial Jan. 6 protest participant who some allege to be a federal asset. But Olsen, the head of DOJ’s national security branch, also made unsupported claims about rising school board violence. Olsen was responding to questions from Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) about why Attorney General Merrick Garland is devoting counterterrorism resources to investigate protesting parents committing violence against school board members. “As the attorney general’s memo indicated, there has been an increase in violence and threats of violence against individuals who serve in positions of public trust—school board members, teachers, other public officials—and this is a …

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