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Georgia Bill Would Ban Critical Race Theory, Promote Teaching of America’s Founding Principles

A bill introduced on the first day of Georgia’s new legislative session seeks to prohibit schools from teaching the tenets of critical race theory (CRT) and instead promote an education focusing on how Americans overcome injustice and fulfill the nation’s founding ideals. House Bill 888, introduced on Thursday by Republican state Rep. Thomas Brad, begins with a statement countering the claim that systemic racism is woven into America’s social institutions—an idea popularized by proponents of CRT, who see deeply embedded racism in all aspects of American life. “Slavery, racial discrimination under the law, and racism in general are so inconsistent with the founding principles of the United States,” the statement reads, pointing to the civil war and political campaigns that ended slavery and racially discriminatory laws, as well as the change in public opinion that has long rendered racism unacceptable. “All of which dispels the idea that the United States …

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