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North Korea fires off third missile test of 2022 following new US sanctions

People watch a TV screen showing a news program reporting about North Korea’s missile launch with a file image, at a train station in Seoul, South Korea, Friday, Jan. 14, 2022. North Korea on Friday fired two short-range ballistic missiles in its third weapons launch this month, officials in South Korea said, in an apparent reprisal for fresh sanctions imposed by the Biden administration for its continuing test launches. (AP Photo/Lee Jin-man) Lee Jin-man/AP

North Korea fires off third missile test of 2022 following new US sanctions

Ryan King January 14, 12:46 PMJanuary 14, 12:46 PM

North Korea fired two missiles Friday that crashed about 267 miles off its east coast, according to reports.

The missile launch, which was confirmed by officials from the United States, South Korea, and Japan, marked the third known major weapons test from North Korea this year.

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“The United States condemns the DPRK’s ballistic missile launch,” a State Department spokesperson told the Washington Examiner. “This launch is in violation of multiple U.N. Security Council Resolutions and poses a threat to the DPRK’s neighbors and the international community.”


South Korea’s Joint Chiefs of Staff said the two missiles launched about 11 minutes apart and reached a maximum altitude of 22 miles, the Associated Press reported. Officials believe they were launched from a location near the western North Pyongan Province, which has previously been used for tests in the past.

On Wednesday, the Biden administration hit a Russian company with sanctions after it was accused of assisting North Korea in its missile technology. The U.S. also proposed that the United Nations Security Council should implement additional sanctions against North Korea for its missile activity.

North Korea’s Foreign Ministry condemned the discussion of new sanctions and threatened a “stronger and certain reaction” if the U.S. continued its “confrontational stance,” United Press International reported.

U.S. officials said North Korea launched a ballistic missile test last week and another one Tuesday. North Korean officials said it used hypersonic missiles in some of its launches, meaning that at a speed of at least Mach 5, they were faster than ballistic missiles.


Tuesday’s missile test purportedly reached a top speed of Mach 10, 10 times the speech of sound. The speed of hypersonic missiles makes them difficult to defend against.

North Korea achieved the “final verification” of its hypersonic program, officials for the country said Wednesday.

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