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Texas school told teachers to keep parents in dark if students came out as transgender

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Texas school told teachers to keep parents in dark if students came out as transgender

Jeremiah Poff January 14, 04:56 PMJanuary 14, 04:56 PM

A Texas school district said that a middle school’s training materials instructing teachers to hide a student’s transgender or nonbinary identity from their parents were not approved to be used in the district.

Walsh Middle School, part of Round Rock Independent School District, a suburb of Austin, provided instruction to teachers on how to deal with transgender and nonbinary students, including telling them not to “contact their parents and out them to their families.”

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The Daily Caller reported that the school district claimed not to have approved the training presentation and that the district was “reviewing this incident and ensuring protocols are in place that such presentations are reviewed and approved in advance.”

The materials also provided a guide to teachers on how to interact with transgender and nonbinary students, including how to correct oneself after misgendering someone.

The teachers were also encouraged to correct students who misgendered a transgender or nonbinary individual and to avoid using gendered language in general.

The exercises in the training included one that asked the teachers to figure out “how long can you go in a conversation without using or needing to use a gendered pronoun? Can you notice when other people use gendered pronouns? How do people react to singular they?”

One slide told teachers that “strangers,” including school counselors, are “dangerous” to transgender students because “they can ruin your entire life, get you kicked out of your home by your parents, or make other teachers treat you awfully and make your school experience miserable.”

Parents have sued school officials in several states after learning that the school was affirming a gender identity for their child contrary to their wishes and without telling them.

A local mother told the Daily Caller that “the teacher has the moral obligation and responsibility to communicate with the parents” and that “it is troubling to think that teachers are being told to be secretive and circumvent a parent’s input on this weighty issue.”


“Parents know their child best and have the right to know about a decision this consequential,” the mother said.

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