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Capitol Report (Jan. 14): Congress Hands Out Masks Made in China

The U.S. Marine Corp. becomes the first branch of the military to grant a religious exemption to the vaccine mandates. The Supreme Court has ruled, and President Joe Biden’s vaccine mandate for large businesses is no longer in effect. How will this impact Americans moving forward? The U.S. Defense Department is sending additional military medical teams to six states. More than 1,000 hospitals nationwide are facing staffing shortages. At the White House, President Joe Biden revisited his infrastructure law that was signed months ago—rolling out his billion-dollar plan to improve roads and bridges across the country. The announcement comes as the president’s approval rating hit a new low this week—and many of his legislative plans hit a brick wall. After an initial burst of pre-holiday shopping during the fall, U.S. spending declined again in December, according to data from the Commerce Department. Inflation has become palpable, but will it ease …

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