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SEE IT: Musk blasts ‘inaccurate, slanderous’ media with meme tweet

Tesla CEO and billionaire Elon Musk announced the "Missing Piece" Thursday night, detailing a push to sell lithium-ion batteries that can power a house and others that can power much bigger entities like cities. (AP Photo) 

SEE IT: Musk blasts ‘inaccurate, slanderous’ media with meme tweet

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Billionaire Elon Musk blasted the media’s intelligence with a meme depicting three brains at different levels of enlightenment.

Musk seemed to slam critics’ “inaccurate, slanderous” reporting while praising the publishing of “factual, accurate news.”


His tweet also called into question “publishing articles that use clickbait and out-of-context quotes.”

In the weeks since Twitter announced Musk’s bid to purchase the social media platform, the Tesla and SpaceX CEO has blasted media censorship and touted the need for free speech, drawing negative reviews and attacks from mostly left-leaning critics.

The New York Times published a story about Musk’s South African upbringing as one “shrouded in misinformation” rife with “white privilege.”

The article acknowledged Musk had nonwhite friends and avoided the apartheid movement but questioned whether Musk’s reasons for purchasing Twitter were influenced by his growing up during “the apartheid era [that] created all-white enclaves littered with anti-Black government propaganda and sheltered [him] from the atrocities of apartheid.”

It quoted a South African legal analyst suggesting that Musk “came up in a time and place in which there was hardly a free exchange of ideas, and he would not have had to suffer the violent consequences of misinformation.”

Podcast host Saagar Enjeti said the New York Times seemed to “insinuate he is a racist”

The New York Post called the article a “hit piece.”

The New York Times article did not sit well with Musk’s mother.

“In South Africa, if you publicly opposed apartheid you went to jail,” Maye Musk tweeted, drawing a comparison to the war in Ukraine. “In Russia, if you publicly oppose the war, you go to jail. @nytimes are you going to blame children for decisions made by governments?”

Musk’s announcement this week that he would consider allowing former President Donald Trump back on Twitter also drew criticism.


On Tuesday, late-night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel blasted Musk and Trump, referencing both as infants.

Musk to Reverse Trump’s Twitter Ban, Subpoenaed Phones Disappear & Pretend MAGA Republican Dr. Oz

“Speaking of babies, Elon Musk says that if his deal to buy Twitter goes through, he will reverse the ban on our infant former president, Donald Trump,’ Kimmel joked. “Oh good! We have the part-time DJ who makes flamethrowers and cars that fart in charge of morality now.”

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