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Everglades Ecologist Rises to DeSantis’ Python Challenge

PUNTA GORDA, Fla.–The Everglades Foundation’s chief science officer is meeting Gov. Ron DeSantis’ Florida Python Challenge by lending his expertise to help eradicate the invasive species and allow the Everglades to thrive.
Burmese Pythons blend well with the marshy environment of the Everglades, he says, and the key is learning how to detect them.
“Our wildlife biologists tell us that for every python we see, there are probably 100 to 1,000 others that we’re not seeing.” Steve Davis PhD told The Epoch Times on June 21 in a telephone interview. “Our ability to detect them needs to improve.”
Over the years, state agencies have used different methods to track and eradicate the snakes. Technology is utilized to locate them with drones and thermal tracking as well as detection dogs and even a “Judas Snake,” which Davis described as a large python that is “tagged with GPS in hopes that it will lead to other snakes.” But none of the efforts put forth have had much success, he said. The only successful method has been Florida’s annual Python Challenge where everyday Americans, after taking an online class and registering with the state can hunt pythons for prize money….

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