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Fifty House Republicans urge White House against implementing ammo ban

Gun and ammo sales have been so brisk that some stores are limiting purchases like this sign at Dukes Sport Shop in New Castle, Pa. Keith Srakocic/AP

Fifty House Republicans urge White House against implementing ammo ban

Mike Brest June 21, 11:27 AMJune 21, 11:27 AM

Dozens of House Republicans have reached out collectively to the White House to express concerns about a recent report that the Biden administration is considering a specific ammunition ban, which an official has already denied.

The Biden administration informed Winchester Ammunition that “the government is considering restricting the manufacturing and commercial sale of legal ammunition produced at the Lake City, Mo., facility,” a spokesman from the National Shooting Sports Foundation told the Washington Examiner last week. A White House official, however, said the report was “way off.”


Winchester is allowed to sell surplus ammunition on the civilian market after meeting the military’s needs, but Mark Oliva, the NSSF spokesman, warned that changing the policy would “significantly reduce the availability of ammunition in the marketplace and put the nation’s warfighting readiness at risk. Both NSSF and Winchester strongly oppose this action.”

Roughly 50 House Republicans signed a letter addressed to President Joe Biden on Monday urging against such a proposal, which would jeopardize approximately 400-500 jobs.  

“Having the ability to produce this product for commercial sale allows the operating contractor to maintain capacity and keep the facility at a high state of readiness, at no cost to the government. This ensures the Army is ready to ramp up production in the event of a national emergency,” they wrote. “Not only will this decision have significant negative consequences for the workforce at the facility, but it will compromise Army readiness by further delaying the deployment of the Army’s Next Generation Squad Weapon (NGSW).”

The Republicans also claimed the ban would effectively amount to a “rifle ban.”


“Additionally, the decision will exacerbate an already serious shortage of ammunition in the commercial market currently facing law-abiding gun owners,” they explained. “Severely limiting the commercially available 5.56mm ammunition, which is most popularly used in modern sporting rifles (MSRs), is effectively a politically sanctioned semi-automatic rifle ban. This blatantly infringes on the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution by limiting law-abiding gun owners’ ability to legally purchase or use lawful semi-automatic rifles.”

The news of this possible ban comes on the heels of a bipartisan group of senators announcing they had agreed in principle to a framework for new legislation imposing additional restrictions on guns that may have a chance to be passed in the Senate. Twenty senators, 10 from each party, signed on to the legislation, showing the support the bill would need to pass the 60-vote threshold.

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