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In Re: Fake News That Is Real

(Steven Hayward)

Recalling C.S. Lewis’s remark that people should only read the sports pages in newspapers because at least half of the news in the sports page would be true, let’s look at the latest in news fakery.

No sooner does Biden fall off his bike than some wisenheimer creates this fake headline:

Fortunately, as RedState reports, we had the all-self-important “fact checkers” on the job to make sure no one was taken in by this mockery of the media.

Trouble is, here is a real Atlantic headline and feature:

So you can easily see some Atlanticist actually writing the first story, thus putting the Babylon Bee out of business again for the next few hours. Think of it this way: the satirist behind the bike-fall headline has saved someone from making a fool of themselves. At least until this afternoon. To paraphrase Will Rogers, it’s no trouble being a satirist when you have the whole media working for you for free.

Meanwhile, here’s your feel good headline of the day (that also happens to be true):

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