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Jeffrey Clark unloads on DOJ and Jan. 6 panel: ‘I don’t recognize the country anymore’

FILE – Jeffrey Clark, then-Assistant Attorney General for the Environment and Natural Resources Division, speaks during a news conference at the Justice Department in Washington, on Sept. 14, 2020. Federal agents have searched the Virginia home of the Trump-era Justice Department official who championed efforts by President Donald Trump to overturn the results of the 2020 election. (AP Photo/Susan Walsh, Pool, File) Susan Walsh/AP

Jeffrey Clark unloads on DOJ and Jan. 6 panel: ‘I don’t recognize the country anymore’

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Jeffrey Clark slammed the Justice Department for the search of his home Wednesday that came a day before a public House Jan. 6 committee hearing that focused heavily on him.

Recalling how agents initially did not even give him time to put on a pair of pants before entering his home in the early hours of the morning and deploying an “electronic-sniffing dog” to seize his electronics, Clark decried the situation as “highly politicized” and took note of the timing.


“With the hearing that was pointed at me and targeting me today with, you know, the special audience member of Sean Penn,” he said in an interview on Tucker Carlson Tonight, “it looks highly coincidental and Tucker, you know, I just don’t believe in coincidences.”

“I just think we’re living in an era that I don’t recognize, and increasingly, Tucker, I don’t recognize the country anymore with these kinds of Stasi-like things happening,” he later added.

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Federal agents searched Clark’s home during a predawn raid Wednesday. Similar to the Jan. 6 committee, the department has reportedly been investigating individuals involved in an alternate electors scheme.

Clark served as assistant attorney general for the Environment and Natural Resources Division during the waning days of the Trump administration. After the election, Clark called on Jeffrey Rosen to send a letter calling for a special session of the Georgia legislature to address the election, claiming the department uncovered evidence of massive voter fraud. Rosen ultimately refused to do so.

Rosen became acting attorney general after William Barr’s resignation in December 2020. It didn’t take long for then-President Donald Trump to grow dissatisfied with Rosen’s handling of his 2020 election claims, eyeing Clark as a replacement.

Former acting Deputy Attorney General Richard Donoghue told the committee Thursday that it was unusual to consider someone such as Clark for the post because he did not have experience as a criminal lawyer. Donoghue and others threatened to resign, with one official telling Trump he would have a “graveyard” at the department due to mass resignations. Trump never followed through on the appointment.


Carlson suggested that Clark was unfairly targeted for his political views and decried the situation as “Stalinist.”

“At some point, somebody’s going to fight back, and it’s going to get super ugly,” he said. “I hope it doesn’t happen, but I think it probably will. It’s just very — the whole thing is so sad. And I’m sure that you were caught up in it in your pajamas like they just called you. It’s outrageous.”

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