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Lunatic Keith Olbermann Calls for SCOTUS to be Dissolved over 2A Ruling

Clearly, former sports commentator Keith Olbermann should have stuck to reporting on sports seeing as he has no understanding of the Constitution whatsoever.

In his latest tirade, he goes off about how SCOTUS has no ability to enforce their rulings when it comes to upholding the Constitution. If this is the case I suppose the same court has no ability to enforce its ruling when it comes to Roe v. Wade either.

It’s ironic how the left seems to love the courts when they are pushing their socialist albeit communist agenda. But when the SCOTUS stands by their reasoning for existing which is to uphold the Constitution, the same leftists want the court disbanded.

Breitbart reports:

Sports commentator Keith Olbermann responded to the Supreme Court’s pro-Second Amendment ruling Thursday by calling for the high court to be dissolved.

Breitbart News reported that SCOTUS struck down New York’s proper cause requirement for concealed carry, noting that the right to possess a gun for self-defense inside the home also applies to carrying a gun outside the home for personal safety.

Olbermann reacted by tweeting: “It has become necessary to dissolve the Supreme Court of the United States. The first step is for a state the ‘court’ has now forced guns upon, to ignore this ruling. Great. You’re a court? Why and how do think you can enforce your rulings?”

Eight minutes later he revealed his newest thought: “Hey SCOTUS, send the SCOTUS army here to enforce your ruling, you House of Lords radicals pretending to be a court.”

On June 2 Breitbart News noted Olbermann’s claim that the Second Amendment does not protect a right to “own” guns.

He tweeted, “Shove your ‘responsible gun owners’ crap up your ass. The 2nd Amendment does not include the word ‘own.’ There is no right.”


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