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SCOTUS: Failure to Read Miranda Rights Not Independent Ground to Sue Police

The Supreme Court ruled 6–3 on June 23 that police can’t be sued for failing to read an accused person his Miranda rights before moving forward with questioning.
The court’s landmark 1966 ruling in Miranda v. Arizona generally prevents criminal courts from accepting as evidence against a criminal defendant any self-incriminating statement made by that defendant while he’s in custody unless he first receives certain warnings spelled out in the Miranda decision. Critics have long decried Miranda as a judicial invention outside the U.S. Constitution that allows criminals to escape justice.
The case goes back to 2014 when Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Deputy Carlos Vega arrested Terence Tekoh on suspicion that he had sexually assaulted a patient at a Los Angeles medical facility where he worked. Tekoh provided a confession to police even though they had failed to provide a so-called Miranda warning to him before he offered the confession, which he later recanted. The warning begins, “You have the right to remain silent …” The confession was admitted into evidence at the criminal trial but the jury returned a verdict of not guilty….

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