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What it Means to Fold an American Flag

ALAMEDA, Calif.—When most people see the American flag, they associate it with freedom but may not know that there is a process to folding the flag, with a special meaning behind each fold.
Richard Keefer, a docent at the USS Hornet Museum, spoke with NTD Television about flag folding and its significance.
Keefer was a pilot during the 1960s. Now, as a docent, he teaches the younger generation about U.S. military history, which includes flag folding. Keefer said that the flags he folded were usually for fallen soldiers.
“There is a script that we use that’s given to use as a recommendation, that basically says we’re sorry for your loss, but on behalf of the president of the United States, Secretary of the Navy, Secretary of the Marine Corps, we feel your pain; [on] behalf of a grateful nation we’d like to accept the flag for your deceased person,” Keefer said….

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    The flag has lost its value


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