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Texas power grid RIDICULED as Tesla warns state of ‘green’ energy blackouts

Tesla is now asking its customers in Texas to avoid charging their electric cars during peak hours to avoid stressing the power grid to the point of rolling blackouts. The warning comes as the Electric Reliability Council of Texas is calling on residents to conserve electricity during the recent heatwave.

Meanwhile, the Biden administration continues its march toward so-called “clean energy” by forcing the nation off coal and other fossil fuels before we have a viable replacement. Instead of switching to reliable nuclear and hydropower, our delusional leaders are betting on wind power, but the wind doesn’t provide power when it doesn’t blow. Wind accounts for about 30% of Texas’ power supply, according to the Wall Street Journal.

After some Tesla customers in Texas reported the in-car alerts, the Twitter crowd reacted with their predictable penchant for mockery and ridicule.

u201c”… Tesla owners in Texas are receiving in-car alerts that tell them to avoid charging their cars because the Texas power grid is on the verge of failure due to a lack of energy from wind turbines that aren’t turning because the wind isn’t blowing.”u201d

— AllieMarie-PureBloodMegaMAGAud83dudeabud83dudc89ud83dude3cud83eudd8bud83eudd37ud83cudffbu200du2640ufe0f (@AllieMarie-PureBloodMegaMAGAud83dudeabud83dudc89ud83dude3cud83eudd8bud83eudd37ud83cudffbu200du2640ufe0f)

u201c@ZacksJerryRig @saradietschy @verge It doesn’t work in the heat. It doesn’t work in the cold. Maybe they should come to Canada to see how we do it. Our grid in Ontario isn’t perfect, but I’m the last 6 months the temperature has gone from -40u00b0F to almost 100u00b0F where I am, and the most I’ve had was a flicker ud83eudd37u200du2642ufe0fu201d

— The Verge (@The Verge)

u201c@business Texans getting the gov’t they deserve! lolu201d

— Bloomberg (@Bloomberg)

u201c@townhallcom Can’t stop laughing.u201d

— (

u201c@saradietschy @verge Yep, the wind turbines can’t keep up, BUT please buy electric cars & you won’t be able to go anywhere because of power grid not being able to keep up!!!! Sounds like a plan to keep us under control…u201d

— The Verge (@The Verge)

u201c@stockhunterOTC @townhallcom We could hook up some of these congress members so set on green to the turbines like a bunch of gerbilsu201d

— (

u201c@townhallcom Whatu2019s different in Texas? Could it be a fragile power grid? And whou2019s responsible for that?nQuestions that should be easy to answer u2026.,u201d

— (

u201c@townhallcom Texas got suckered into all this wind and solar power only to realize how unreliable they areu201d

— (

u201cHey Texas Tesla (EV) ownersu2026.. unplug your damn carsu2026.. the power grid is overloaded.u201d

— done (@done)

u201c@elonmusk So don’t charge Tesla cars in Texas the energy state because the grid can’t handle it. Might have to rethink this electric car idea if it is contributing to rolling power outages…..Texas was energy independent until wind farms were built and electric cars moved in….u201d

— Elon Musk (@Elon Musk)

“I just want to remind people that rolling blackouts — that is something in the past. That is also something that you see in emerging countries or third world countries, not in America. And certainly, not in Texas,” Glenn Beck said on the radio program.

“We’re not California. We have all of the resources that we need to be able to have the power that we need. It’s the only one that is not on an industrialized grid. Texas is on its own electrical grid. We don’t sell energy to anybody else. We don’t ask for energy from anybody else. We’re on our own grid, and it’s never been a problem. In fact, it’s been something that we’ve heralded for a long time. That’s why our energy is so dependable. But now we’re going back. And the reason why we’re going back is they put so much money into wind power. And they’re turning other plants down. And that wind power is not dependable. Why, as Americans, are we allowing this?”

“It doesn’t make any sense … and we also have the largest nuclear power plant in the country here in south Texas,” Pat Gray added. “If we could build more nuclear plants, you could power this country forever … It just goes to show that that’s not really the goal. Sustainable energy is not really the goal for [the Biden administration.] Their goal is to bring everybody down to … a third-world nation. Then we have equality.”

Watch the video clip below to catch more of the conversation. Can’t watch? Download the podcast here.


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