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Conservative Moms Group Grapples With Account Freezes by PayPal, Twitter, Facebook

A national conservative group of moms known as Moms for Liberty has had its PayPal, Twitter, and Facebook accounts frozen in the past six months.
The 18-month-old nonprofit recently announced at a press conference that PayPay had frozen its account on July 15, leaving dozens of monthly recurring donations from supporters in limbo.
Tina Descovich, a co-founder of Moms For Liberty, told The Epoch Times that despite repeated requests to lift the freeze, PayPay kept telling her organization “there was nothing it could do.”
However, after media reports about the ordeal over the weekend, Descovich said the freeze “was magically lifted.” She said it was the second time that PayPal froze the nonprofit’s account in the past year. Once the freeze was lifted, Moms for Liberty withdrew all their funds from PayPal. The group is now in the process of permanently closing down its PayPal account….

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