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(Scott Johnson)

Laura Ingraham is broadcasting from the Twin Cities this week and reporting on subjects of local interest with national implications. Jon Justice caught up with her this morning. I appreciated Laura’s comments on the Twin Cities. She doesn’t indulge in the simplified take that we deserve what we get.

In the audio clip below she takes up the other side of the story of the Minneapolis Police Department that I have neglected here. I have asked over and over who in his right mind would go to work for the department. Laura expresses her regard for those who continue to serve.

Here is @IngrahamAngle after her reports LIVE from the state chatting with @JonJustice this morning on the state of crime in Minneapolis, and what she hopes to see in the future of the Twin Cities :

— Justice In The Morning #TCNT (@jdtcnt) August 5, 2022

Jon himself provides the update below on the gang fight at the Mall of America yesterday. And the beat goes on.

We live in freakin Gotham, this is ridiculous. As Drew would often tweet #VoteDLF #TCNT

— Jon Justice (@JonJustice) August 4, 2022

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