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648 Cases of Side Effects in Infants of COVID Vax’d Mothers

Reports indicate that the COVID vaccines were quickly pushed to market with little to no actual research as to the side effects. Furthermore, there is obviously no long-term data to show what will happen to the vaccinated over the next 10 to 20 years and even further.

To top it off, there is no real data speak of when it comes to how the possible side effects in nursing infants whose mothers are vaccinated.

Investment Watch reports:

‘Despite the lack of clinical studies, and even animal safety studies, health authorities did not hesitate to give the green light to the administration of Pfizer’s and Moderna’s mRNA vaccines to pregnant and lactating women a few weeks after they themselves stated that they did not have such studies. In Israel, the MOH even made a U-turn in a record time of four days, when already on December 20 a recommendation was issued for pregnant and lactating women to get vaccinated. Nevertheless, the issue of vaccine safety for breastfed infants is hardly discussed.

An analysis conducted by the Real-Time Magazine team reveals that at least 648 cases of side effects in infants vaccinated with the COVID-19 vaccines – most of them with the mRNA vaccines, including deaths and life-threatening side effects, have been reported to the US VAERS system.

The most common serious events were life-threatening bleeding; anticholinergic syndrome; Liver problems; anaphylactic shock; neuroleptic syndrome; neurological side-effects such as convulsions or encephalitis; Hypoglycemia and bleeding. In most of the reported cases, several life-threatening side effects were recorded in the same baby. ‘

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