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Increasing Persecution Gives Way to a Need for Leaders

Deep in the jungles of the Indian state of Odisha, a man stands on his newly rebuilt concrete balcony overlooking his neighbors in the patioed market just in front of his home in Kandhamal.
It was these same neighbors who contributed to burning his home to the ground 10 years prior.
“I actually have tea with these same men, now,” Prakash, an Indian Christian, whose last name is withheld to protect his identity, told The Epoch Times. “Showing grace is an example of Jesus, and my doors will always open for these men.”
Indian Christian Prikash looks at his neighbors from his home in the Odisha state of India on Sept. 19, 2018. (John Fredricks/The Epoch Times)
Prakash’s home was destroyed while he was protecting orphaned children whose Christian parents were killed during the 2008 Kandhamal violence—in which at least 100 people died, and almost 400 churches and thousands of homes were burned, leaving tens of thousands of people homeless, according to media reports….

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