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‘Deranged’ surgeon general baffles internet with ice cream cone choice

Vivek Murthy ice cream cones Vivek Murthy

‘Deranged’ surgeon general baffles internet with ice cream cone choice

Brady Knox September 22, 05:46 PMSeptember 22, 05:46 PM Video Embed

Surgeon General Vivek Murthy was deemed a conehead by many on social media for his confession that he orders ice cream cones without the ice cream.

The revelation was made on Twitter alongside a picture of Murthy ordering an ice cream-free cone from a vendor on National Ice Cream Cone Day.

“This might be an unpopular opinion, but I love ice cream cones — without the ice cream. Happy #NationalIceCreamConeDay!” Murthy tweeted.


Indignant Twitter users responded mostly with disgust and confusion.

While a few users attempted to rationalize his statement, many more replied with GIFs, a short-video format, reacting negatively to the announcement. Some responded with extreme condemnations, most likely in a joking fashion.

“This is like the movie Hook without joy,” Adam Steinbaugh said.

“You’re a deviant,” T. Becket Adams commented.

“Lmao i am obsessed with how deranged this is … also it makes me suspicious there is something else coming from the office of the surgeon general that this is distracting from … because otherwise WHY,” Rachel Kurzius tweeted.

Other Twitter users were more merciful to the surgeon general.

“All successful people have one baffling habit so honestly this one’s totally fine,” user Ryan Nanni said in response to the tweet. “The alternative is ‘I WON’T DRIVE WESTBOUND BECAUSE I DON’T RUN FROM ANYBODY, INCLUDING THE SUN.'”


Murthy would most likely be overjoyed to learn that the Italians designed a unique cookie just for his taste: pizzelle cookies. These classic Italian cookies have the same flavor and texture as his beloved waffle cones and can be ordered in most stores or made at home with a few simple ingredients. Best of all, these can be ordered and consumed without the social taboo attached to an ice cream cone bereft of ice cream.

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