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Port Jervis Major Trafficker Commits New Crime in Jail, Sentencing Postponed

Port Jervis major drug trafficker Richard McInturff, while awaiting his sentencing in jail, committed a new crime, according to a court hearing at Orange County Courthouse on Sept. 22.
At the request of prosecutors, his sentencing date is postponed to Oct. 18.
According to a police source, McInturff committed an assault in jail.
McInturff is one of the largest fentanyl traffickers ever arrested by Port Jervis police, according to the lead detective on the case, Mike Decker.
In March 2021, when Decker and his team executed the search warrant at McInturff’s residence in Port Jervis, New York, they found nearly 8,000 two-inches-by-one-inch bags of fentanyl, he told The Epoch Times….

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