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Chicago declares itself ‘sanctuary city’ for transgender surgeries, abortion

Mayor Lori Lightfoot, D-Chicago (Video screenshot)

(LIFESITE NEWS) – A new ordinance in Chicago declares the Windy City a “sanctuary” for “bodily autonomy” and forbids government agencies and staff from helping other states enforce their abortion laws or laws against the genital and chemical mutilation of children.

The Chicago City Council approved on Wednesday the “Bodily Autonomy Sanctuary City Ordinance,” which prohibits any Chicago government agency or employee from “provid[ing] information related to, or in furtherance of, any investigation or proceeding initiated in or by another state or jurisdiction that seeks to impose civil or criminal liability or professional sanctions upon a person for the provision or receipt of, or any inquiry concerning, reproductive health care or gender-affirming care that is legal in the State of Illinois.”

Illinois allows abortion up until the moment of birth. The city’s leftist mayor Lori Lightfoot supports the ordinance, which models an executive order she had signed earlier in the year.

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